Solar Thermal

Solar Thermal (Solar Hot Water)

Solar Thermal(SHW) systems enable the sun to provide you with up to 70% of your annual hot water needs for FREE – and prolong the life of your existing boiler.

A typical system could also provide around £2000 in domestic Renewable Heat Incentive payments over the 7 years of the scheme.

Solar thermal(SHW) panels deliver heat to your hot water cylinder by means of a sophisticated automatic digital controller which ensures optimum performance in all weather conditions.

The panels can be integrated into your existing roof, mounted above the roof or ground mounted.


We only install solar panels that are approved under the government’s Microgeneration Certification Scheme and conform to EN 12975 parts 1 and 2  – the European Standard for solar panel performance and durability

What’s Involved?
The road to solar water heating begins with a Quick Quote to provide you with a guide price for your system.

If you are happy with the figures produced by the Quick Quote, we will visit your property in order to confirm the specification discussed over the telephone and we will then send you a written quotation by post or e-mail.

If you should decide to proceed, the  installation of the system usually takes just two days to complete. Our own team of fully trained and experienced installers will firstly fit the panels, and if we are unable to use your existing cylinder they will install a new purpose designed solar cylinder in its place.

Highly insulated solar pipe work will be run from panels to cylinder and the digital controller is  installed. The system will be fully tested before being commissioned, and we will explain to you how the system operates.

The automatic digital controller requires no user intervention and will display the temperature of the panel and the hot water in your cylinder at all times – so you can always see how much energy you’re getting free from the sun !

Businesses, public sector and not-for-profit organisations can benefit from index linked payments for 20 years under the commercial Renewable Heat Incentive scheme, and domestic customers can receive payments via the Domestic Renewable Heat Incentive.


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