The ability to capture and use energy from the sun has enabled us to dramatically reduce our dependance on fossil fuels in order to provide us with electricity and hot water.

Through the advancements of the Solar Photovoltaic (PV) and Solar Thermal technologies it has been possible for any householder or business to take a positive step towards reducing thier energy bills and thier carbon footprint without the need for upheival to thier routines.

And for most customers the installation of either a Solar PV or Solar Thermal system can be completed without the need for planning permission!

So what’s the difference between Solar PV and Solar Thermal?

Solar Photovoltaic (PV)

Solar PV uses energy from the sun to create electricity. The silicon cells within the solar panel itself generate DC voltage which is then converted into usable AC voltage by a Solar Inverter.PV How It Works

The supplies from the inverter then connect directly into your consumer unit and the inverter adjusts the voltage to ensure that the energy from the PV is used in preferance to that supplied from the grid.

All of the systems we install are fully MCS accredited and therefore eligible for payments from the Governmant Feed-in-Tariff.

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Solar Thermal

Solar Thermal panels use the warmth of the sun to heat a super conductive glycol solution which circulates through them. The heated glycol solution is contained within a sealed system and circulates through a solar coil in your hot water cylinder where it’s heat is transfered to your domestic hot water.Solar therm

The system is controlled completely by a sophisticated solar controller which monitors the heat within the panels and cylinder contiuously and swithces the system on and off as and when needed.

The Thermosolar (Genersys) panels we install are fully MCS accreddited and therfore you would be eligible for payments under the Renewable Heat Incentive.

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