Wood Pellet Boilers

Praise  for Somerset Campsite

In order to be as environmentally friendly as possible, Thorney Lakes Caravan Park at Muchelney in Somerset,  is making every effort to recycle, encourage wildlife-sensitive camping, and to use renewable sources of energy.  In 2004 a solar thermal system was fitted to the original shower block followed later by an Energie system.  Both continue to  provide water for showers and washing up.

When a second shower block was built to cope with rising visitor numbers, owners Richard and Anne England decided to install a biomass boiler as an affordable and renewable source of hot water for the washing up area and three wet rooms.

On Sunday 17th June 2012, in advance of the Green Scythe Fair, which takes place at Thorney Lakes Caravan Park, local councillors and members of the Chamber of Commerce gathered for the official opening of the new shower block, with wildlife enthusiast Rufus Bellamy cutting the ribbon.

Rufus praised Thorney Lakes for their progressive hard work and for continuing to raise the stakes for sustainability. He commented “Thorney Lakes has been awarded Gold in the David Bellamy Conservation Awards for 10 consecutive years.  It is 1 of 400 that push the boundaries of ecological habitation for wildlife and driving the heart of the community.”  In honour of his father, David Bellamy, he called for three cheers for the England family and Thorney Lakes before cutting the ‘green’ ribbon and declaring the shower block open!

Mr England then gave a tour of the new shower block and boiler room explaining that the wood biomass Woodpecker boiler delivers 38C water to the showers and 50C water to the washing up area. The showers are operated by a push button that delivers 3 minutes of water and helping campers to become more aware of their water use.

The Woodpecker 25kW boiler, installed by Cornwall based installer Celtic Renewable Energy, is fuelled by wood pellets, which Richard England buys one tonne at a time. They are delivered in10kg bags by a local supplier Mole Valley Farmers, and then manually “fed” into the hopper. “I fill the boiler up on a Sunday with 5-7 bags. That’s enough fuel for the week and costs £12-15. The renewable heat incentive, which is the ‘heat’ equivalent of the feed-in tariff for solar power, means we’ll get about a third of that back.”

Group picture shows  L – RThorney_Lakes_w_Rufus-Bellamy


Cllr Sylvia Seal (SSDC Portfolio Holder for Leisure & Culture), Andrew Taplin (moleenergy, Mole Valley Farmers), Rufus Bellamy, Richard England, John Turner (Celtic Renewable Energy), Rupert Cox (Somerset Chamber of Commerce)

Article and picture courtesy of Emma Kershaw, Woodpecker Energy Ltd.

Commercial Wood Pellet Boiler

A long established commercial organisation in Cornwall was looking to replace its aged gas boiler.  Realising that gas prices were inexorably on the increase, and aware of the Government’s Renewable Heat Incentive, which encourages business to install renewable energy through annual payments, the company decided to investigate alternatives to fossil fuels

Celtic Renewable Energy surveyed the premises and developed a solution tailored to the business’s requirements.  A 45 kW Woodpecker Fillomatic wood pellet boiler and  750 litre accumulator tank was installed in place of the gas boiler.  This highly efficient installation now runs all the central heating and hot water requirements in the building. Celtic Renewable Energy  also installed a new hot water cylinder to handle the business’s increased demand for hot water.   Since the company needed a heating system that would require no more user intervention than a gas boiler, a 5 tonne capacity pellet silo was also fitted to supply the boiler with wood pellets in response to the heat requirement within the building. The silo is simply replenished via a blown delivery from a delivery truck as required.

The business now not only has a clean, green and efficient new boiler, but will also benefit from an excellent return on investment though receipt of annual index linked Renewable Heat Incentive payments for the next 20 years – and is now freed from the spiralling cost of gas.