Solar Electricity

We were delighted to have the oppertunity to install photovoltaic panels at the newly constructed Tavistock Police Station. With large South East and South West facing roofs it was an ideal situation to help enahnce the energy performance of the building.

The installation called for an inverter that would be able to harvest the maximum energy available from two solar arrays facing in different directions.  Working to the project schedule of the main building contractors, Celtic Renewable Energy installed a 7.6 kW photovoltaic system comprising 40 Phonosolar P190M photovoltaic panels, arranged as two 3.8 kW arrays, with an SMA SB8000TL three phase dual MPPT tracker inverter.

Tavi PV
Tavistock Police Station on ZIP Seal Roofing

The SOL-50 premium mounting system was used to ensure the arrays had a finished leading edge that was in keeping with the contemporary architecture of the new premises.   Tavistock now benefits from a 21st century police station equipped with a state of the art photovoltaic system that helps minimise its carbon footprint –  and its energy bills