Log Gasification Boiler

Farmers across the country are turning to Biomass Boilers for a solution to soaring energy costs. Many landowners have access to a ready supply of timber from careful  management of their woodland and hedgerows.

Couple this with a regular income from the the Government’s Phase 1 Renewable Heat Incentive and burning wood becomes a viable long term source of income at the same time as providing heat for various farm enterprises.

CowsMichael Stone, seen here with some of his Holstein X calves, runs 200 head of dairy cows on his farm at Higher Dexbeer, near Holsworthy in Devon. The unit requires a significant quantity of hot water on a daily basis and Michael  was looking to reduce his dependance on the existing electric boilers. In addition Michael was looking to replace the LPG gas boiler in the family’s four bedroom home with a  more cost effective heating system.
vanThe solution was to install an 80kW Eco Angus Log Gasification Boiler provided and fitted by Celtic Renewable Energy in an adjacent building to the farmhouse.

The boiler feeds a 4000 litre Akva accumulator tank which stores the hot water until needed.

The hot  water is piped underground  through highly insulated  Uponor pipe to the house where it feeds traditional radiators and a domestic hot water cylinder. Another underground pipe, some 70 metres in length, carries the hot water to the dairy and associated hot water outlets.
Gasification boilers use a clean and highly efficient combustion process  to achieve efficiencies of over 90%.

Approved Heat Meters are fitted at strategic positions in the system to measure the heat produced and a tariff payment is made for each unit of heat produced.


80kW Angus Super with a 4000 litre Akvaterm Accumulator

For his purposes Michael sets the automatic controller on the boiler to 80°C and as long as there is fuel in the stove it will burn accordingly, switching between the gasification burn process to slumber mode as appropriate, to  provide a constant supply at the required temperature.
Michael says:-Log Boiler
“Now we no longer need to pay for LPG gas and our electricity bills are reduced.
We can look forward to an index linked income for 20  years under the RHI scheme – for burning our own wood!”