Making the Switch

Carbon FootprintWith renewable technologies available to provide you with electricity; hot water and heating, it is the obvious way to help you to reduce your energy bills, reduce your carbon footprint and it could even provide sufficient returns to cover your initial investment.

It is important to remember that you don’t have to sacrifice your day-to-day way of life in order to have a renewable energy system in your home. Many of the technologies involve little or no intervention from you and will simply work to reduce your energy consumption or provide hot water and heating while you go about your normal routine. It is also possible to incorporate one or more renewable technology into your existing systems.

  • Solar Thermal – solar thermal can be used alongside your existing fuel source by connecting into a coil in your hot water cylinder. This way during the daytime the solar will heat up your cylinder for FREE!
Solar Thermal
Solar Thermal panels


  • Solar Photovoltaic (PV) – during daylight hours the energy that your PV system produces will be used in preference over energy imported from the grid. This means that by using appliances or running your equipment during the day, your energy bills will be reduced and you will still benefit from payments via the Feed-in-Tariff. Another additional option for a PV system is an immersion controller. These controllers divert any excess energy being produced by the PV system directly to the immersion element in your hot water cylinder. This means that not only have you run your appliances using mostly renewable energy but you have also produced hot water!
PV and Solar Thermal
Solar PV and Solar Thermal


  • Biomass – using biomass as the source for your heating and hot water is a lot simpler than it sounds. We can provide a suitable biomass boiler which burns either logs or wood pellets, all of which are eligible for the Renewable Heat Incentive. The systems can be controlled by a standard central heating and hot water programmer and we try to utilise as many of your existing components as we can. The addition of a solar thermal system or a PV system and immersion controller would reduce the amount of fuel you need to use, without compromising the payments from the Government schemes.
Log Boiler
Log Gasification Boiler and Accumulator
  • Wood burning stove – another option which uses wood for fuel. These can be used as a single room heater in your lounge for example, or with the addition of a back boiler they can be used to provide heat to a ‘wet’ heating system and can contribute to your domestic hot water.


Any one of these technologies can be easily accommodated into your home or business and even the seemingly most complicated projects can be resolved and you will be left with a high quality renewable energy system working for you.