Eco Cabin – Trevena Cross Nurseries

Trevena LogoPrompted by ever rising energy costs, Graham Jeffery from Trevena Cross Nurseries was reviewing the heating arrangements for his successful garden centre and nursery in West Cornwall.

The extensive retail areas and the cafe benefit from year round natural light through the roof, however this also means that those areas lose their heat much quicker than a conventional building.

Ariel View

The existing heating system was electric which is well known to be an expensive option. Providing a comfortable temperature for customers and staff and hot water for the cafe and facilities was becoming ever more costly.

Celtic Renewable Energy were asked to come in and assess the situation and put together a proposal for an alternative renewable heating solution. After assessing the requirements at Trevena Cross Nurseries the design of their bespoke Eco Cabin was formulated.

Inside the Eco Cabin were installed two EkoHeat 4000 wood pellet boilers which burn EN Plus standard wood pellet fuel. Wood pellets as a fuel can be up to 50% cheaper to use than electric which runs the existing heating system, so there is a significant saving to be made.

Cabin Inside

The two EkoHeat boilers are connected to a 2000 litre buffer cylinder which is connected to the nursery and cafe via highly insulated underground pipe. The boilers are fed with wood pellets from an integral 5 tonne pellet silo with an auger and vacuum system. The silo is located to the rear of the Eco Cabin to allow easy access to the connection ports for bulk blown fuel deliveries.


The external faces of the Eco Cabin were clad in timber to allow the cabin to sit on the site unobtrusively, and the roof was covered with box profile roofing.
Within the nursery the hot water supplies from the Eco Cabin have been connected to seven high level Eco Vector hot air blowers which we installed throughout the retail areas.

Eco Vector

The cafe has been fitted out with new convector radiators and the existing hot water cylinder was connected to the hot water supplies from the Eco Cabin.

CafeThe two EkoHeat wood pellet boilers within the Eco Cabin now provide all the heating and hot water requirements for the premises, completely replacing the previous electric system. Not only are the premises now warmer and more comfortable for customers and staff alike, Trevena Cross will also benefit from index linked subsidy payments via the Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI).

The quarterly payments from the RHI will continue for twenty years and are based upon the heat used within the premises using kWh readings from the two heat meters which were installed.

Graham is delighted: ‘The installation had its challenges since it took place over the summer during our busiest trading weeks, when there could be absolutely no disruption to the business whatsoever. The team at Celtic proved more than equal to the task, working quickly and efficiently to ensure that system was installed and working within the agreed schedule. We can now look forward to vastly reduced heating costs, and the RHI payments we receive will provide a very useful income stream for many years to come. Our initial investment will be paid for by our energy cost savings and RHI income in just a few years, and we have a much improved environment for our customers and staff’.Trevena

The bespoke design of an Eco Cabin means that they can be made to suit each individual customer’s needs. If you feel that an Eco Cabin may provide a solution for you or your business, contact us to arrange a free survey.