Domestic Wood Pellet Stove

We were approached by our customer while they were completely renovating their three bedroom Victorian semi-detached property.

domestic wood pellet

As the property had no existing heating system there were many options open to them but they favoured an option with a lower environmental impact.

At the time we visited them the rear kitchen extension was just an empty shell which made it an ideal location for our installation and we settled upon a wood pellet stove.

With the pellet stoves open glazed front it was the ideal choice to provide a warming focal point to their kitchen and dining area and also removed the need for the customer to install an additional radiator in the room as part of their own heating system installation.

We specified and installed the award winning MCZ Duo Hydro stove which has an integrated pellet hopper and ceramic top and side panels, which come in a variety of colours.

domestic wood pellet2

Its 22.3kW output is ample to meet the predominantly stone built house’s heating and hot water demands. The customer installed their own conventional ‘wet’ central heating system and new hot water cylinder as part of their renovations which we then connected in to. The two systems and the stove are all controlled via a standard two channel programmer and thermostat which we installed and set up.

The stove fully meets the customers environmental brief as it runs by burning wood pellets which are manufactured from sustainable managed forestry in the UK and using wood as fuel is considered to be carbon neutral as it absorbs the same amount of Carbon Dioxide during its growth as it produces during burning.

The flue from the stove was able to be discreetly sited at the rear of the property where it cannot be seen meaning that while is still complies with all the required building regulations it remains unobtrusive.

domestic wood pellet3

Our customer is delighted with the stoves fuel economy and ease of use. In the summer period, only 20kg of pellets were used per week to fulfil the household’s hot water requirements, indicating that they are able to look forward to heating their home as inexpensively over the winter period. Moreover they are set to receive Renewable Heat Incentive payments in respect of their stove for the coming seven years helping to recover their initial costs.