Domestic Log Gasification Boiler

Our customer was planning a significant extension and modernisation of his Cornish Farmhouse. The existing LPG boiler was old and in need of replacement. The property is set in 27 acres of land, with an abundant supply of wood, providing an ideal opportunity to move away from fossil fuels and attain a measure of energy self-sufficiency.

Calculating the heat load including the new extension, Celtic Renewable Energy specified and installed a 40kW Eco Angus Orligno 200 log gasification boiler with a 2000 litre accumulator tank. The boiler generates heat through burning logs (<20% humidity), and performs at its best when being used to batch burn. The frequency of these batch burns depends upon the demand but range from daily during peak demand in the winter months to twice a week over the summer months.


The boiler system was installed in a purpose built plant room which is around 12 metres away from the house.

Boiler House

Underground and highly insulated pipe connects the accumulator tank to the house where the supplies are connected into a large domestic hot water cylinder and the underfloor heating manifolds.

Boiler Room / House

At the time of writing this report the boiler had completed 7 sizable batch burns which resulted in just half a bucket of fine ash, proving that the gasification process has achieved a fantastic efficiency, gaining as much heat energy from the fuel as possible.


In keeping with the property’s revamped contemporary aesthetic, the building now also has a modern renewable heating system and the lands resource is being put to a sustainable and productive use. What’s more, in addition to having no bills for heating or hot water, our customer will also benefit for the quarterly payments under the governments Renewable Heat Incentive scheme.