Wood Pellet Boilers

EgoWood pellet boilers make an ideal replacement for a fossil fuel boiler. They have automatic ignition, require minimal maintenance and are simple to use – your existing central heating and hot water programmer can often be incorporated into the system if you wish.

Our range of Italian styled pellet stoves make a stylish addition to a living room or kitchen, and can take care of all a property’s central heating and hot water requirements.


The Musa Hydro 22 stove shown in our installation picture here can deliver 18kW to the central heating system and over 4 kW to the room – ideal for a typical 3 or 4 bedroom house.  There is a huge range of stoves and finishes to choose from – take a look at the range here


CompactRedHeating boilers are an ideal choice for a garage or utility room.  They have internal pellet hoppers of up to 100Kg capacity – and, if required, can be fed from large remote hopper via an auger or vacuum system. More details on the RedHeating range can be found here



If you have a garage or outbuilding in which to house your pellet boiler, then you should consider the Bronpi range. Bronpi Hydro boilers are designed and produced in Spain and offer a fantastic choice of products to suit different property sizes.

For the more substantial heat demands found in commercial buildings  or larger mini-district heating schemes, Biotech boilers are an excellent choice.  These Austrian boilers have a patented Dual Combustion Control system which continuously optimises burner efficiency. The 65kW model is pictured here in one of our installations with the accumulator tank, expansion vessel and pellet silo.