Wood Burners

Morso There’s nothing like a wood burning stove to provide a welcoming focal point in a living room.

With more and more designs available you can choose from a wide range of traditional and contemporary stoves to suit your room size and style.

Morso2A suitable flue and hearth are required and our qualified installers are always happy to visit you to advise on the best option for you and your property and provide a free no obligation quotation.


How efficient are they ?
People often say that their wood burning stove provides warmth that is felt beyond the room in which it is located. Some stoves have a unique design that preheats the incoming air to optimise combustion and extract the maximum amount of heat from the wood fuel. This high efficiency design also keeps the flue ways free from debris and features such as an air wash system ensure that the glass remains clear so you are free to enjoy the view of a real flame.

Wood burning stoves have power outputs ranging from 4kW through to
20kW, with a 6kW stove being the most common choice for a large living room.

Want to heat your home, and your hot water?Fireview
With the option of a back boiler fitted to a wood burning stove, the stove can then be connected into your hot water cylinder. The output will generally need to be 2-3kW higher in order to heat both the room and the water. Wood burners can also supply a full central heating system! (the number of radiators will determine the size of the back boiler needed and the required kW output of the stove).

Other options such as the new Stub Overnight (above) from MCZ have a simple but very effective heat store at the top of the stove enabling the heat gathered during a burn to be slowly distributed throughout the night for up to 12 hours extra performance.