Log Gasification Boilers

An introduction into what’s involved with the installation and use of a Log Gasification System

Log Gasification Boilers are an ideal choice whether you own a single property or wish to heat a small group of properties using a single boiler.  If you are looking to replace an oil or gas boiler in your home, your existing radiators and hot water cylinder will usually be compatible.PC111443

Log gasification boilers burn wood extremely efficiently and store the heat in a large accumulator tank. This large volume of stored hot water becomes the source of heat for your central heating and hot water systems – a single burn can often produce sufficient heat for a number of days.

Because they use a process known as secondary combustion, log gasification boilers use much less wood than a traditional wood burning stove to produce a given amount of heat. Also due to their large combustion chambers they can accommodate logs of up to 100cm in length (depending on the size of the boiler) therefore the need for excess woodcutting is minimised.

Our customers can benefit from payments under the Renewable Heat Incentive, which, combined with no oil or gas bills, means that log gasification boiler systems often pay for themselves within 5 years and generate significant on-going income following that.