Eco Cabin

An Eco Cabin is a purpose designed energy cabin with a complete plant room neatly contained within. The Eco Cabin enables the flexibility to provide the correct biomass boiler system to suit your needs whilst ensuring easy access to the components for routine maintenance and to the fuel store for bulk deliveries.

Inside Cabin
Two EkoHeat pellet boilers inside an Eco Cabin

Our Eco Cabins are made by us at our own workshop which enables us to ensure that each stage of the construction is completed to the highest standards.

Blown pellet delivery connections

The Eco Cabins are primarily used for commercial pellet boiler systems, but as we design an build them ourselves, we can offer the flexibility for them to be used for log gasification systems and for larger domestic properties.

An Eco Cabin under construction

We fully insulate our Eco Cabins and clad the exterior with pressure treated timber and install box profile roofing.

Once the cabin has been constructed and all the plant room components installed, the cabin can be moved onto its chosen site. From its location it can then be connected up to the heating and hot water systems of your property or business premises.

Eco Cabin in situ

The systems are all fully eligible for the Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI) and we install the required heat meters at appropriate locations to enable you to claim the quarterly payments from the scheme.

If an Eco Cabin sounds like the option best suited for you, contact us now to arrange a free survey.