Air Source Heat Pumps

Heat pumps utilise the outside air as their energy source and can even extract heating energy from the outside air at temperatures as low as -25°C.Heat Pump

Air Source Heat Pumps work most efficiently when operating with low flow temperatures (45 °C or lower), therefore they are best suited to new builds or when retro-fitted to very well  insulated existing buildings. They are particularly effective when used with under floor heating systems.  When feeding a more traditional heating system the  radiators must be either oversized (as compared to those used with a conventional boiler) or use radiators designed specifically to run at low temperature.

SPF SampleThe measure of the heat pump’s  efficiency is it’s seasonal performance factor (SPF), which is the amount of heat energy it delivers over a year divided by the amount of electrical energy it consumes.

Our fitters are fully qualified to  install the highly efficient Dimplex range of air source heat pumps, with  models ranging from 6kW to 16kW. More details on Dimplex heat pumps may be found here

Dimplex ASHPOur company is not MCS accredited for Air Source Heat Pumps,  so if your prime incentive for using an Air Source Heat Pump is to have a clean and efficient method to heat your home we can supply and install a bespoke system to suit your needs. We can also design and install your entire heating system or modify an existing heating system to ensure your heat pump performs to its maximum efficiency.